Aphasia Project

Aphasia is a loss of the ability to produce and/or comprehend language, due to injury to the brain. Brain damage can be caused by TBI, stroke, or other head injury. Aphasia interactive software has been developed to simulate the use of the brain throughout repetition.

The Heart Of A Marine Foundation is committed to assisting VA hospitals and rehab facilities that serve vets receive the best tools for treatment.

As of March 2012, The Heart Of A Marine Foundation has donated over $150,000 in Aphasia rehabilitative software as well as desktop and laptop computers to Veteran Administration Hospitals and civilian facilities that treat veterans nationwide.

 The following VA Hospitals have received computers and software donated by

The Heart Of A Marine Foundation

  • Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital  Chicago, Illinois
  • Minneapolis VA Hospital  Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Palo Alto VA Hospital  Palo Alto, California
  • McGuire VA Hospital  Richmond, Virginia
  • James A. Haley VA Hospital  Tampa, Florida
  • North Chicago VA Medical Center  North Chicago, Illinois
  • Audie L. Murphy VA  San Antonio, Texas
  • Washington DC VA  Washington DC
  • Houston VA Hospital  Houston, Texas
  • Oklahoma City VA, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Baltimore VA  Baltimore, Maryland --- also serving Perry Point VA MC, Lock Raven Community Center