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Phil's Story

Through the years, we have learned about Phil the Marine. His love for our country, his dedication to fellow Marines and his devotion to our military; those he considered his brothers and sisters in arms.

We would like to introduce you to other aspects of Phil; the son, brother, musician, actor, the many faceted sides of this giving, caring, and protecting man.  Roy and Georgette are compiling personal Phil stories to share with everyone.

Until then, here are some fun Phil facts!

  1. Phil had a love and talent for the theater. In his youth he participated in many productions, including Oliver! and Beauty and the Beast.
  2. Like his Dad, Phil was a musician, and a drummer! 
  3. With anticipation, Phil would celebrate the arrival of the McRib back on the McDonalds menu!

There are many wonderful characteristics of Phil Frank that we would like to share with you, and we will update this page periodically with Phil stories, memories, and insights to the person we know and love. We are honored by Phil’s military service, and proud of the man.

Phil honored us by the way he lived his life, and by the way he gave his life. We celebrate Phil’s life, not only through The Heart Of A Marine Foundation, but through every breath we breathe, everyday.

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