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Our Strength. Our Energy. The Reason. In memory, honor, and spirit of Marine Lance Corporal Phillip E. Frank.

About The Heart Of A Marine Foundation

Why Establish The Heart Of A Marine Foundation?

In Memory of Marine Lance Corporal Phillip E. Frank

Phil loved his family.
He was a loyal friend.
He always placed the needs of others before his own.

September 11

On September 11, 2001, Phil watched a plane crash into the World Trade Center, and the first tower crumble to the ground. He resolved then and there to do something to protect his country and those he loved. He had just started his senior in high school.

Marine Corps

Phil enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in November 2002. On the day he graduated from Boot Camp at MCRD in San Diego, he introduced us to his fellow graduates. He explained that because these were his brothers, they were now our sons.

“Where can a guy like me be a part of freeing 35 million people for the tyranny of a Saddam Hussein?” Phil wanted to “be a part of bringing democracy and freedom like we have here, and so take for granted, to the people of Iraq.”


Phil honored us by the way he lived his life, and by the way he gave his life.

To serve Phil’s brothers and sisters…
To honor his memory and to continue his caring spirit…
We established The Heart Of A Marine Foundation.

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