After thoughtful consideration and prayerful contemplation, Roy and Georgette have decided to officially retire and close The Heart Of A Marine Foundation.

The events of April 8, 2004 changed the lives of many. Forever.

On this day, in Anbar Provice, Iraq, Marine Lance Corporal Phillip Frank, involved in heavy combat, was killed by a snipers bullet. Roy and Georgette had just returned home from dinner when the Marine Casualty Assistance Calls Officers arrived at their door.

Lives were changed forever.

This loss and grief effected the Frank’s days and nights. Roy remembers, “If we did not change direction, if we did not change course, we were sure that grief would kill us.” In the following days, Roy and Georgette hung on to their faith, regrouped, and placed one foot in front of the other. Georgette recalls coming to Roy and saying, “I know what we are going to do.”

On November 17, 2005 The Heart Of A Marine Foundation was born.

Phil Frank considered all military members his brothers and sisters in arms. “The Heart Of A Marine Foundation proudly serves all branches of the United States Armed Forces, veterans, and their families. This is more than just a motto or masthead. It is our conviction”, stated Roy.

The Heart Of A Marine Foundation has been operational for 13 years. In that time, this is what we have accomplished:

  • Aphasia Project: Over 15 health care facilities are supplied with computers and software to aid in the treatment of traumatic brain injury and stoke.
  • Walking Tall Project: Over 11,000 canes given to any military service member in need. Under the direction of Salute, Inc., this program and Phil’s legacy will continue.
  • Clothing Assistance Program: Over $550,000 (est. retail value) in NEW clothing to keep our most deserving warm and comfortable.
  • Helping Hand to Homeless Outreach: Over $11,000 to upgrade and make living quarters a home for homeless veterans, and to assist in their transition from homelessness to independence.
  • Morale Up!: Over $10,000 dedicated to boosting the morale of veterans, their caregivers, and family members.
  • Lance Corporal Phillip E. Frank ~ Fifth Third Bank Memorial Scholarship: Over $44,500 in scholarships to young men and women who exemplify the spirit of The Heart Of A Marine Foundation: Honor, Patriotism, Loyalty, Respect, and Concern for Others.
  • Package Projects: Over 7,000 packages sent to bring a touch of home and morale boost to those overseas.
  • Individual Assistance: Over $178,000 to assist authorized organizations, toward making military and veterans’ lives better.
  • Inter-Foundational Assistance: Over $54,000 to assist authorized organizations that aid in the welfare of our military.

Roy and Georgette Reflect

On April 8, 2004 Roy and Georgette’s lives were changed. Through their establishment of The Heart Of A Marine Foundation, many lives have been changed for the better.

“Through the years, many have added to the success of The Heart Of A Marine Foundation. We have had the privilege of working with some of the most selfless, wonderful people. Their commitment to our military and veterans is unparallel. We have experienced an incredible amount of fun along the way. Georgette and I have undying gratitude for those who committed their time, energy, talents, and abilities to make this organization a success. We will never forget them.”

“We have accomplished a lot in 13 years. When we started out, we never would have imagined the lives that we touched, and those that have touched ours. Everyone is etched in our hearts.”

Salute, Inc.

The Walking Tall Project will continue through Salute, Inc. If you are in need of a cane, or if you have any questions regarding canes, please contact:

Salute, Inc.